Youmacon 2018 & River City Rushdown!

I’m so excited and grateful to stream two events over the next month!


First up, this weekend, October 13th is River City Rushdown (RCR) 29. There’s a whole lot going on here. It’s being held at the National Science Center, where they have TESLA COILS! This is my first RCR, Grand Rapids monthly FGC event organized by Morahan. It’ll be a chance to see our “West” coast players in DBFZ, SFV, Tekken 7, and UNIST.


What’s particularly special about this RCR is the Michigan FighterZ League championships. Eight of Michigan’s best DBFZ players have earned points at local, regional, and online events over the past months. Now they’re siphoning genki to drop a spirit bomb and take home some great prizes provided by Abake and Morahan.

Three weeks later, from November 1st through the 4th, it’s Youmacon Battle Opera. So so big this year that we’ll be in Cobo instead of the Renaissance Center. Three days, four streamers, including Gooshi, Poverty Game Nite, and LPZ. There are too many games to list, but I’m going ballistic for MvC2 and UMvC3. Organized by Cora of Dead State with Mr. U Suk on the floor, this year looks to be the biggest and best yet!

With RDY‘s help (thank you so much!) these my stream plans for the next month, I hope to see you there. If not, make sure to tune in to the stream. I’ve put links to the registration pages and brackets below, as well as links the stream and my twitter.


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