July Event Updates

Roasting in this July weather? Too bad! We’re gonna’ keep turning it up with three more hot events at High Score. Tonight July 16th, is a Tekken 7 tournament. July 23rd, Jeyu and Mr. U Suk are putting on a UNIST tournament. Closing out the month are SFV exhibitions put on by KJ. Doors at 7:00, tournaments at 8:30, spraying salt in the parking lot at 11:00pm. Keep scrollin’ for more information on those.

But before that, Showdown Battle Royale 3 results. When it comes to Dragon Ball FighterZ, Canada has it over us. Teemo took first place and most of the $1,000 pot bonus, and Des! took second in a 100% Canadian Grand Finals. We did our mid-best with great performances from PerfectLegend taking third, Sethlolol placing fourth, and DevilChipp in fifth.

There weren’t as many surprises in DBFZ as there were in Tekken 7. SRM StayRealChill took first over HZRDS L-Train (2nd), Azure (3rd), and HZRDS Footwurk (4th). Chill’s been building his game and confidence, and this is his first time taking a tournament. Congratulations to him! No surprise that Footwurk has been doing his homework and keeps improving either. Can’t wait to see all these players tonight at High Score.

Thanks to all of those doing the hard work putting Showdown together!


July 23rd, Jeyu and Mr. u Suk are giving us the glory of UNIST. We have some solid players in a game that’s gorgeous to watch. I for one am looking forward to Jay’s Merkava.


To finish out the month, KJ has put together three exhibitions on July 30th. He’s personally looking for the run back from Red Bull against alucarD. It was a close and hype match, I’m looking forward to the rematch!

These upcoming events will be streamed on twitch.tv/input_output and later uploaded to youtube.com/c/ioput if you can’t tune in live. See you this July!

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